Protect Computers LLC


PC Support

A PC support specialist is a skilled professional responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing computers, as well as identifying and resolving software-related issues.

Printer & Scanner Support

A printer support spe­cialist possesses expe­rtise in diagnosing and resolving printer issue­s. They also excel at pe­rforming maintenance and repairs to e­nsure optimal performance of the­ printers.

Email Setup & Support

Over the­ past few years, email se­rvices have undergone­ significant changes. However, it is important to be­ aware that with this growth, online attackers have­ also become more pre­valent and pose a threat to your pe­rsonal information. In order to safeguard your crede­ntials, let us fix everything.

File Backup & Recovery

Experts in data recovery assist you in retrieving lost or erased information from corrupted files or internal and external hard drives. Speak with Protect Computers, your reliable American partner for professional data recovery services.

Mobile & Tablet Device Setup

Have you ever had a feeling that your smartphone isn't performing as it should? Or are you delaying an upgrade because you anticipate finding it difficult to set up something new? Protect Computer is available to assist, so don't worry. We can assist you in properly configuring a new phone and optimizing the performance of an old phone as we are specialists in all brands and models.

Wi-Fi & Internet Setup

Fast access to the web is no longer considered a "nice-to-have". You require the best setup possible because working from home and studying are so popular, and most entertainment at home requires Wi-Fi access. That's the role of our team. With less buffering and load times than ever before, we can assist you in setting up the greatest home network possible.